Coach Matt offers a variety of different services to help your player(s) reach their peak mental performance! Here are some examples of what you can expect from Coach Matt.



Struggling to get focused before games? A proper pre-game routine aids in the ability to get prepared and focused. Let us help you develop a routine that suits your needs best. 

goal development & attainment

Setting process goals and having a plan to make them achievable is something every athlete needs but most lack. If we ask you what your goals are, can you answer? If you have goals, can you tell us how you will attain them? If not, reach out to Matt or help!

imagery practice & utilization

Utilizing imagery is something that can take your game to the next level. Let Matt help you develop a mental imagery plan to aid in the anticipation of sporting events and help eliminate pre-game anxiety. 

Aiding in culture development

Having a positive culture is key to the success of any business or sports team. Do you feel confident in the culture you have created? Or perhaps you have yet to establish a culture. Regardless of where you stand with your culture, Matt can help!

Mindfulness & Breathing

Sometimes, games will get out of hand and it feels like you have lost control. With some mindfulness practice and breathing exercises, you can learn to slow everything back down. Ask Matt how!

coaching education

Are you a coach or a program looking to take your coaching to the next level? Matt can help you modify your coaching style to attain maximum enjoyment level as well as player development! Coach Matt also specializes in the in creation of a positive culture. Ask Matt how he can help!