Our Mission

There is a saying you hear in sports all the time, "I had a cup of coffee with the pros". Matt Houk’s version of the saying is "on my way to get the coffee, I tripped and fell, spilling it everywhere.” Matt claims his "spilled coffee" or lack of goal attainment comes from not being mentally prepared to handle all the circumstances sport put in front of him.


Our mission is to make sure that every athlete has the mental training needed to achieve all their goals! No spilled coffee here! We strive to train and prepare athletes of all sports to not only understand how their mental game can change their physical game but to also attack adversity head on!

Our team


Matt Houk

Mental Performance Coach

Coach Matt grew up playing ice hockey. As a record setting goalie for his local high school program, Matt had aspirations to play at the next level! After a brief stop with a team in Minnesota, it was obvious that his career was over. Matt eventually shifted into coaching and has been doing that ever since! 

The desire to become a mental coach grew from watching coaches struggle to educate their ADHD and Dyslexic athlete. While doing research, Matt fell in love with the mental side of sport and thus Mindfully Elite was created!


  • BFA in Visual Arts Studies

  • MED in Educational Counseling & Psychology 


  • USA Hockey Level 4 Coaching Certification

  • Currently pursuing AASP certification.

  • Safesport Certification

  • USA Hockey 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U Modules completed